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Brochure Online Security

Titelblatt Broschuere Sicher SurfenOur brochure Online Security contains information about computer viruses, cookies, data protection, trust marks, and many other issues to provide you an overview of the legal framework as well as practical approaches.


Shopping Online

Do you want to take a chance on shopping online? Or have you already experienced online subscription traps? With our website and documentation, we would like to guide you through different aspects of shopping online.

When buying online abroad, you should have a look at our 10 Golden Rules.

In order to avoid the black sheep among online traders, our Six Basic Rules, a compact leaflet, can help you.

Find lot of helpful information in our brochure “Shopping Online”. This guideline explains for consumers as well as for traders any questions concerning purchases in the internet.

Should you be confronted with the annoying phenomenon of Online Subscription Traps (known as “Internet-Abofallen”), don’t be intimidated too easily and first read our special information sheet. Also, for contracts concluded after August 1, 2012, the so-called “button-solution” offers better protection for consumers – find out more about it in our new leaflet. Besides, you can get information about other particularities concerning the conclusion of a contract via the Internet under German law here.


Which law is applicable?

Which law is applicable to B2C contracts concluded online? The question can be of great practical importance when it comes to shopping online in another country of the EU and is answered by Regulation (EC) 593/2008 (Rome I). Find out more about it our leaflet.

To know exactly which law is applicable to such a contract remains important, even if the new EU directive on Consumer Rights will harmonize the legal frame of online shopping to a great extent. This directive has been formally adopted on the 10th of October 2011 by the EU Council, but the Member states still have two years to implement the new rules. However, if you wish to know more about these upcoming rules, you can already now get information about it here.